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I would expect a considered response from the minister that addresses each of the failings of this proposal.There has been much mention lately of triaging seriously ill virus victims to favour saving scarce equipment for use with younger people over those above a certain age.Some have claimed that the young contribute more to the “economy”. It could be so, but the older patient may be working in a charity, and the younger one may be unemployed.We cannot know this, and no set of rules can guarantee the relative economic potential as between any two patients.In any case, this is irrelevant. We should never fall for the premise that human beings exist to support the economy despite thirty five years of neoliberal propaganda!The combination of utilitarian economics and far right irrational exclusivism is a dangerous cocktail.

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canada goose coats Dawn Of War 2 with the crapness that is Windows Live was horrid. DoW we played 3 4 years, all of us ended up with legit copies and expansion packs. If they had any sense they’d enable LAN allow distribution of temporary free keys on the same LAN. It does not help that there is a mallet like approach to outdoor space in places like Toronto and Ottawa. Toronto refuses to consider closing lanes of traffic to effectively extend sidewalks and bike lanes, even as traffic has dwindled and other cities have attempted it. The worry seems to be that people will take the opportunity to flood the streets canada goose coats.