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The meeting took place at Singhs residence. However, there was no decision taken on whether to end the lockdown on April 14 or extend it, in the meeting, the sources said. At the moment, the Centre seems to be weighing in two options loss of livelihood versus a loss of life.

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uk canada goose outlet The maternity centre was run by the Paris based Medecin Sans Frontiers. The reason for choosing the target is unclear. But the impact it has left on people who saw the scenes after the crime is not. Premier Rachel Notley watches as Wildrose MLA for Fort McMurray Conklin Brian Jean hugs the Mayor of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Melissa Blake. David Bloom/Postmedia”We know people want to return home as soon as it is safe to do so, and that is what we are working towards,” Notley said Wednesday from the provincial operations centre in Edmonton. “We don’t want to have people completely commit to a certain date, but at the same time we’ve been hearing more and more that people need to have some idea of the dates we’re dealing with. uk canada goose outlet

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